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Monday, January 9, 2012

And a Very Merry Christmas we had!!!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!! I know we did and still have one more Christmas to celebrate but the decorations are down after a 2 day attempt and we are finally back to "normal". The holidays are super hectic, just like for everyone, but for some reason this year, it seemed like the busy"ness" was up a notch! We were able to spend several days of "quality" time with our little mini us's and it was nice since we both work and we actually had the time to do things with them on the little winter break they had from school.
Christmas morning...Alexis got the hang of unwrapping in no time flat!!!

Her BIG gift from "Santa" this year was a Princess Dream Castle...we can't get her away from it!

John was kind of into it...mainly using the boxes as drums or chewing on the paper. :-)

His Build a Bear, "Furry" made by his sister.

Chew Chew Chew...are we done with teeth yet?!!!

He LOVES chairs for some reason, especially if they can rock!

Her Dora guitar that she now has memorized all the songs on there. That didn't take long at all.

Hamming it up in her UGGS from her Aunt Meredith.

Striking a pose...notice while she is playing a game on my phone.

Alexis has offically moved to PRESCHOOL!! We can't believe it!! But she absolutely LOVES it!! They are working on writing her letters, name and helping her recognize letters in words with sounds. She seems to be getting the hang of it since we can see results at home when we are reading and working on her activity books. We have also noticed she is a little bit more aggressive in her personality, meaning, demanding. I guess that's the only way to survive when your class is 22 people big. As long as she is nice about it to us at home, no worries. Survival of the fittest!! But she always tells us she really likes school. She does get frustrated a little more often we noticed when she can't figure something out and especially if she doesn't get her way right away. We have been finding ourselves having to do the harder part of parenting and discplining our 3 year old. Alexis slowly has started to realize what is acceptable and what is not. She knows to be patient if we have our hands full with John or if we are in the middle of doing something. But we are so very proud that we have one FULLY POTTY TRAINED..I still can't believe it!!  Again, PERSERVERANCE!!!

And now she has hijacked my IPAD since I have found some games for her to play that she likes and doesn't get frustrated with.

Something is always in his mouth..of course!
This is the "make-shift" crib until he will sleep in his own during the day when he needs to nap. He will take hour long naps in this stroller! It's amazing!! Not complaining though since John will sleep in his crib at night from 7:30-7ish...battling him during the day is nothing for the great sleeper we have at night. Everyone gets to sleep at night!!
Soooooo, we tried this jump n go a month ago and he really didn't like it but now that he is bigger/stronger and taller(20 pounds, 28 inches), he really does like it since he likes to bounce on you when you are holding him. Thank goodness we have another spot to put him until he crawls since he pretty much tears up his exosaucer and moves all over the floor when we put him on a blanket full of toys!! He is SO very close to crawling!!

Little man bouncing!!!

It got really quiet since this bouncey as you can hear on the video makes noise and we couldn't believe he passed out here like this. He never just passes out. Had to get this shot...check out his hair!!
That just doesn't look comfortable but he would have slept there if daddy didn't move him.

I will posting again soon since we have Alexis's birthday party this weekend!! I can't believe I'm caught up!!

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