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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OOOO....the Teething!!!

Never a dull moment and never a break when you are trying to be a superstar and hit all your big milestones in your 7th month! Alexis cut her front 2 bottom teeth on her 7 month birthday which wasn't a huge deal in terms of being painful...Orajel and cold teething rings seem to do the trick but then she turns around and starts to get her top 2 front teeth!! No little white peaks but her gums are sure swollen and she likes to let us know. We really didn't have too much fussiness with the bottom teeth but the top 2 are sure telling a different story. Joe and I also thinking she likes to hear herself scream really loud also at times since she has really turned the volume up lately! She is also trying to crawl in regards to getting her feet underneath her but she hasn't put it all together quite yet...hopefully we will get through this teething drama before she starts crawling! A mobile fussy baby can't be good!
Trying to steal mommy and daddy's dessert!

Giving Dolly a hug!

Momma's turn for a hug!

A picture school took of Lexi for Daddy

Playing with Daddy
We also have a little water baby on our hands and try to get Alexis in the pool as much as we can but since it gets so hot here, we have to get her in the pool late in the evening so she doesn't burn because yes...she is fair like mommy and daddy...

Hanging out with mommy in the pool
Splashing Daddy on the steps in the pool
She likes her float now since she can "fit"! Before she hated it!

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging!! We look forward to following Alexis's progress!