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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One more until we turn 8 months!!

I figured I would post a little something since Alexis will be turning 8 months next week and of course add more pics since she is always a busy girl!!
Look at that face!

Just a little fun update on our little girl...still no top teeth but she is sure working on them!! We had a break from the antsy/fussiness and now it is back so they must be bothering her again. Since her teachers at school tell us she randomly screams while trying to shove a whole toy into her mouth! Nothing like a little Orajel can't take care of. Even though she is not crawling yet but so very close...she is really on the move these days. We have begun to experience the "not finding your child where you left them"!! She can go from sitting up to laying down and then will roll all over the time we found her under the coffee table! She can roll onto her tummy and scooch backwards and then both ways onto her back...back and forth she goes. It's only a matter of time before she is really mobile! Lately we have been having to dress her on the floor since after we change her diaper on her diaper changing pad, she will roll over or inch backwards while we are trying to dress her. She doesn't like just laying there now since she knows she can sit up and touch things and grab them as well as move in certain directions. She even manages to roll onto her tummy while sleeping and turn her head. She's a tummy sleeper!

Hanging out on the floor with Aunt Mere
Aerial View
Trying to be on the move!
This rod is in my way!
Playing on the floor with Daddy before we go to school

Alexis is on 3 meals a day and an extra she gets Fruits with a bottle in the morning for breakfast, Veggies with a bottle for lunch, an afternoon bottle and then a Meat and a bottle before she goes to bed. Her arms have started to thin out since she really is using them to prop herself up and move on the group but her legs still have that "Michelin" look! I will miss my chunky monkey once she starts to loose some of her "baby fat".
Gotta love bathtime!
Her little mowhawk
Elmo Towel!!

Still trying to work on getting some pics done. We may just do that when Daddy goes on his business trip to Scotland for a week. Still not much hair but what hair she has doesn't want to stay down on her head and is bleach blonde! She loves to sit up and be independent. She even knows how to press our buttons when it comes to getting our attention and wanting to be held. The "No" phase for mommy and daddy is just around the corner!!

This is her new thing...squenching up her nose!
Here's a video of her new face and sounds!
LOL!! Look at that face!
Look how big my princess is!
Talk to you when she is 8 months!!

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