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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting into trouble!!

Hi Momma!

Just some fun pics as Alexis continues to do new things and keeps trying to figure out how to crawl. We have mastered the roll all over the place and flip up onto our stomach to reach for things that she wants...also is scooting backwards and getting into more trouble!!

Finding where we hide our DVD's!!

Still no top teeth but I am sure those will show up when they feel like it just like when she decides to crawl. She can stand on her own without our help while holding onto the edge of the couch or coffee table. Daycare is still going wonderfully and she is loving it! The ladies that take care of Lexi are dreading the day she "graduates" to the 1 year old room.

YAY for enough hair!

I have finally made an appointment for some professional pictures on 9/13 while Daddy decides to jump over the big blue ocean for a week to Scotland to go and do some work. Still have to decide what to put her in and I will be really anxious to see if she likes the photographer since I have heard some don't!! Only time will tell. We went shopping the other day for some baby gates and the next step in carseats since Alexis is well on her way to graduating to the "next level" of carseats. Can't wait to see her "stats" when we go to the DR for her 9 month check-up next month and NO SHOTS!!! THANK GOD!!!
She gets some air in this thing!
There's that face again
Scooching herself into a corner on the couch
Playing on the floor..don't think she has enough toys.


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