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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adios to 8 months!

Last journal until we hit the 9 month mark!! Alexis sure is hitting all her Milestones very quickly! We have another tooth on the top and still waiting for the last one to come in which has put her in a "mood" that we can't wait for it to go away. She may not be crawling yet..but she is EVERYWHERE!!! We will tell Lexi to come somewhere and she will roll right over and prop herself up where we told her to go! She loves playing under the coffee table because we have glass shelves on it so one day that table is going to magically disappear!

Yep..we are pulling up on the coffee table these days! So busted!

Daddy and Lexi playing under the coffee table!! Now...why is daddy encouraging her to do that?!

Pulling up on her crib


But we also notice that she has what daycare calls "stranger danger" and really isn't into people that she doesn't know approach her...or as long as Joe and I are close but never if we aren't there will a "new person" have luck making friends with her even though she is so very smiley. As you can see from her pictures she is standing up in her crib so we are not sure how long the crawling phase will last when it does eventually get here...SHE IS SO VERY CLOSE...and when I mean so very close, I mean it!! She pulls herself up onto her hands and knees but one leg is always caught and she gives up and sits back down. We have found if we put something WAY in front of her she will try a little harder!! Always trying to do things the easy way....rolilng is just easier so she does it...eating from a bottle is just easier so she liked that better..what is next!!!

Her new toy is now playing with paper...

Reading the Sunday paper with Daddy

Getting ready to go to Target in her cool silver shoes that mommy loves!! She doesn't like to wear shoes period but we put them on her anyways! Thanks Aunt Mere...

Loving the scene in Target....CUTE SHOES!

Chilling on Daddy's lap watching football

With her hands at attention after she ate her last bottle of the day

We had to "fluff" up her hair after she passed out after a bottle. We can finally do this while it is dry after 9 months!! Took long enough. :-)

Lexi and I made it through the week without Daddy with flying colors. It was very tiring but we did it and when Joe got home from Scotland and walked in the door, Lexi started crying! I guess she just figured out that Daddy was gone for a long time. She doesn't let us leave the room for very long these days. We also have been experiencing some random "morning fits". I don't know if its the teething or her just giving us attitude. They never last long but the squeals are hard to miss. She has been doing that lately when I take her to daycare in the morning..hopefully we are not going through another "phase"!

We go for our 9 month check-up on October 11th. Hopefully I will have more to report but will update the site since she will get weighed and measured. Mommy is so very happy for NO SHOTS!!! HOORAY!!!

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  1. She is moving around like crazy, soon she will be climbing out of that crib!