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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

THE BET IS ON!!! the bet is on!! Daddy has proposed that Alexis will be crawling 4 weeks from her 9 month birthday and Mommy says 6 weeks!! Not only are we pulling up on everything, she is using everything to hold onto and walk around. She will stand up and use our hands and start walking while holding on. We got her a push toy that she is not sure about just yet but when she does use it, she takes off!! I will let you know who wins!

Wonder what's going to happen when she wants to turn? :-)

She likes to pull on the gate even when it is open! Go figure.

Genious hard at work!

Mommy and her princess

Daddy had to take a picture of the hoody!

Playing airplane with Daddy.

Crawling behind the couch to get to the window

Getting closer!

Made it!

Checking things outside

And of course we have to bang on the window.

She's getting really good at standing up and down

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