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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Adios to 9 Months!

It feels like I just said good-bye to 8 months! Time sure is flying these days. No walking yet so we are not sure who will win the bet or maybe neither one of us will win it! Just wanted to add a quick journal entry and last one before Alexis hits the 10 month mark next week! Just a few new things since I last sent out an update: Alexis now knows how to "kiss". She won't pucker but she will lean in and put her mouth on our cheeks and "kiss" us! So sweet! She is also getting another top tooth so this will be our 5th one!! I was wondering why my drool monster came back. And last but not least, we finally graduated to the next level of carseat. She's not sure what to think about it right now but I am sure over time, she will love it. She outgrew it first in length rather than weight. We have been procrastinating this purchase for a month now. So they are both now installed and ready to be put to use.

Chillin in her new chair

Helping Daddy figure things out

Helping Mommy with the Laundry

Going through the gate the other way

She found our wall of mirror in our dining room and loves to play!

She was so tired, she fell asleep on my lap like this...

And then we put her in her favorite chair

Playing on the floor in her jammies

Giving mommy the look

She very briefly let us put her costume on

The feet were hilarious!

We are excited about our family photo session that will be taking place this month on the 22nd!! Hopefully Alexis will cooperate "some" for our photographer. We did not go trick or treating this year since Joe and I really didn't want to load up on candy and she wasn't too thrilled about putting a costume on. We will start shopping for a costume much earlier next year since her school really seems to get into the Halloween spirit.


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