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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Alexis!!

Wow!! A lot sure has happened since 12/30/09 when we last updated you about Miss Alexis!! Even Mommy and Daddy are surprised at how fast things are moving!! Sorry for the delay in this update, the cord to the digital camera to upload all her pics somehow got lost! How frustrating!

Let's just start from the beginning:

1. New Year's Day started the onset of another double ear infection so we go back to the DR to get some medicine and now Alexis is on the "radar" since this is her 3rd double ear infection in 12 months. Mommy and Daddy had to stay home one day each from work since Alexis was running a high enough fever and wasn't really eating a whole lot. school until she is well. By the third day of medicine, she was back to her talkative self and enough energy to keep up with the kids at school.

So tired and sick, she fell asleep on Daddy's lap before bedtime.

2. ON January 7, 2010, our baby TURNED ONE!! We can't believe it!!! The time sure flies the last few months!! Lots of milestones have happened for Alexis!! The first, we were able to turn her carseat forward!! YAY!! Since she HATED facing backwards. The first car ride she had facing forward, she laughed the whole way to our destination. It was hard not to laugh with her. She passed her ONE YEAR DR appointment with flying colors. I have updated her growth chart but her head circumference is in the 90%(go figure), her height in the 75% and her weight in the 50-75%. After a visit from 2 different nurses, a visit from the DR, 2 shots in each leg and a blood test taken by a prick in her thumb, we were able to leave the DR's office. No side effects this time!! We were so relieved!!!

Alexis had 2 birthday with her friends and another for just family in which her Godparents hosted a brunch. Delicious. Needless to was a very busy but fun weekend.

Alexis's First Birthday Cake

Singing Happy Birthday

Mess accomplished!

Mommy and her princess

More toys! Where are we going to put all these?

Playing on the dog pillow that Grandpa and Grammy got her

Standing in her new wagon

She loves the Elmo microwave that Aunt Mere got her

3. Alexis went from 3-4 bottles to 1 nighttime bottle in a matter of 2 weeks! She is a bottomless pit and now eats what mommy and daddy eat so we have had to really modify our menu so it is more healthy. She is on cow's milk now as well as water and some juice. Taking the bottle away has really helped with her not wanting her pacifier as much. Still working on the nighttime bottle but I am sure that will come in time since she gave up the other bottles on her own as well..we didn't have to take anything away from her. really helps since they feed her every 2 hours with 2 meals and a few snacks, constant liquids along with lots of playtimes and an afternoon nap. She is really doing well in her new room with her new teachers. Still sleeping like a champ and logging in AT LEAST 11 hours a night. This makes Mommy and Daddy very happy!

Daddy's knee makes a great chair to watch cartoons in

And so does her Elmo chair!

Give me the camera Momma!

She loves Ravioli! But it is so very MESSY!

Eating a icy pop with momma

Eating it all by herself..BIG GIRL!

4. We have a VERY talkative lady on our hands and she loves to dance!! Whether she is sitting down playing with her toys/reading us a book or standing up...she will start shaking her hands and moving her little hips when any kind of song comes on that make Mom and Dad laugh every time. She has 5 teeth on top and 3 bottom teeth with another one coming in. Can't wait for those 2 year molars!! Heard they are a challenge!!

5. The biggest Milestone for Miss Alexis is that she started WALKING this Saturday, January 16th. She just stood up and started moving around like there was nothing to it. She was a little shaky at first but now she has it down pat...she is definitely walking more than crawling now and getting faster! We are in for a ride! Now that she can walk, she is getting more daring in terms of roaming around the house without us in the room...looks like we will have to childproof the house AGAIN!!

We go back to the DR on April 14th for her 15 month check up in which I am told she gets 2 more shots...YAY!! The DR said the ONE year appointment is pretty intense with shots and the appointments after that just get easier...18 months we get only 1 shot as well as 2 years. And then we don't go back until the 4 year check up. :-)

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