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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1st Christmas for Alexis!!

We can't believe that Christmas has already come and go!! We had several family celebrations this holiday season so our December calendar was packed!!! Even though Alexis really didn't care for Santa, we had a wonderful 1ST Christmas with our princess. So, there will be NO Santa pictures this year for Alexis!! :-( However, Target and Babies R Us EXPLODED in our living room as you will see from one of the pictures I have posted in her 11 month photo album. The very best present the family got ON Christmas day was that Alexis actually took her first step in the middle of the room!! She wasn't holding anything and had nothing around her to go to so it was all her!! She just stood up and took a step! We couldn't believe it! And since then she has done the same thing and managed only 3 steps in a row until she decides to quit or fall...sooooooo...only time will tell when she takes off.

She wasn't even in his lap for a minute!

Getting ready to open a gift...

What is it!!

YAY! A playhouse from Mommy and Daddy!

Our little princess!

One of the many toys Daddy put together at Grandpa and Grammy's.

Grandpy showing her to use her cart

Here she comes!

Another one of her push toys!

Grandpy and his girl!

Target and Babies R Us EXPLODED in our living room

Taking a break after all that playing

Coming through the house that Mommy and Daddy got her

Aunt Mere and her favorite niece

Alexis has officially moved to the ONE year old room at school and ever since the transition which was a couple of weeks ago, Alexis has been a bottomless pit! She EATS everything!! She can't seem to get enough food....I guess because she is burning it so quickly!! Joe and I really need to think about a good menu for Alexis(since we don't really eat all that balanced of meals) so off to the grocery store we go this weekend. We have been a little bit on the "lazy" side when feeding Lexi and just buying the shortcut of the Gerber jars...but its time to really start feeding her "people food" since that is what she gets at school. She loves the new classroom since it has so many older toys and I can't believe she is labeled a "toddler" now...didn't seem like she was in the infant room all that long. She is EXHAUSTED when she gets home and goes straight to bed after her nighttime bottle....for now...the bottle will be going away shortly as well! It was really cute...her teachers in the infant room at school gave us a "graduation certificate" from the infant room and they also made her a card saying "So Sad to See You Go" and they all wrote a really nice note in it...sniff sniff! She is still pretty stubborn when it comes to napping but when she does nap, she naps for longer periods of's just getting her to nap!! It was a challenge during the holidays since SO MUCH was going on. Deep breaths helped a lot during her very cranky times..

Daddy letting her "play" on the laptop

Found Momma's blackberry

All those toys and she plays in the kitchen cabinets!

Relaxing on daddy after a long day at school watching cartoons

We have a busy next few weeks with her 1st birtday on January 7th and her birthday party on January 9th. And then off to the DR we go on January 13th for her 1 year check-up and YAY for more shots! But we are very anxious to see how tall she is since she has been growing like a weed! I can't believe that is has already been a year!! It goes by so quickly when you are in the moment of raising your child and living your life....WOW! LIFE REALLY has been so good to us.

Alexis will be back in 2010!!

Happy New Year to you and your family.

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  1. xmas with kids is so great, the sheer joy when they play with all the toys is wonderful! I am glad you had a good holiday, happy new year!