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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Countdown has started!!

We seriously cannot believe that Alexis will be ONE year in less than a month!! Where has the time gone?!! It crept by while I was on maternity leave but ever since I went back to work and Alexis sat up at 5 months, someone has hit the fast forward button!! With a little one on the move, talking up a storm, things are always changing and of course BUSY as ever!!

Playing hide and seek with the Laundry basket

We no longer sit in the exosaucer(only when mom and daddy eat), we crawl through it!

Playing with the blinds and watching it snow

Helping Daddy with the laundry


Alexis is still not walking but she is so VERY CLOSE!!! She is scaling the walls and furniture and prefers to take risks and see if she can make it between 2 pieces of furniture or from the wall to the furniture instead of crawling...and lately she has been successful at keeping her balance and walking to where she wants to go even though it is quite a short distance.

Something about a girl in a hoody!

Getting a little bit of help from Daddy

Using the couch to hold onto

Talking to the decorations on the table since they are stuffed animals for the holidays

She looks busted here but she really isn't!

She cruises around the living room on her Lion walker and has figured out how to turn him so she can keep going. She is definitely more steady on her feet and really doesn't need our help as much as she thinks but we lend her a finger or 2 for support.

We have been REALLY lucky this flu season in regards to Alexis staying well! She hasn't missed one day of school since her 6 month shots!! Wahoo!! She got the first dose of the Flu shot at her 9 month appointment but the DR's office told me that since H1N1 is more in demand, the 2nd dose of the flu shot is not being made...SOOOOOO...we went in for the first dose of the H1N1 vaccine last week and will get the second dose in a month. I have to stay, I have a very good patient when it comes to shots! She does cry a little bit right after it's all said and done but her crying lasts maybe a few minutes..nothing a paci and some mommy hugs, kisses and snuggling can't take care of. We are very grateful her double ear infections at months 4 and 6 were related only to her shots. I did take Alexis in for a minor cough about a month ago and luckily the cough was not in her chest or lungs so nothing major, but the DR did give us some great tips on keeping her healthy during the Flu Season that didn't involved drugging her up!! And they seem to be working!

Alexis has 4 solid top teeth and is cutting 2 more on top and still has the lonely 2 on the bottom. But she is figuring out how to use her top teeth to bite into solid foods. It doesn't take much for her to learn how to do something. Mommy was eating an icy pop the other day and Alexis was watching me eat it and then I let her try and she bites off her own little piece!! I couldn't believe it! She is quickly learning which way to shake her head if she wants or doesn't want something. We will ask her if she wants her paci and she will shake her head the appropriate way for what she wants.

She still likes the cold teething rings every now and then

No hands!! They make her hands a little too cold sometimes

Taking a sip from Daddy's COLD water also helps her teeth

For some reason, Alexis has been very attached to me the last month. Always following me around and using her hands to show me she wants up or to be held. She can clearly say MAMA because she calls my name looking for me if I am not in the room OR, which this totally cracks me up, she will call my name and then start a conversation with me! It's so hilarious! So, we just chit chat for about 5-10 minutes. The other day, she was in the kitchen with Joe and I and she starts to mess with the trash can(this has been a challenge for us the last few weeks)..Joe looks at her, getting ready to tell her no, and she looks up at him, smiles and shakes her head no!! We couldn't believe it! She finally gets it and no temper tantrum that we tell her no!! WHAT A TRIP!!!


I think a little too close up while I was holding her!

Our family photo session on November 22nd went WONDERFUL!! Alexis did really great and we even managed to get her photographed in 2 dresses!! I couldn't believe it since she hates changing and us messing with her arms since she is such a busy body(I wonder where she gets that). I have placed my order and can't wait to get our holiday cards out and get them posted.

We finally had the "talk" with her teachers at Daycare....they want to move Alexis to the 1 year old room at the end of the month!! I knew this was coming but until it happens, you just kind of ignore it since she loves her teachers at daycare and they are SO good to her. But, she is now eating on a school menu that Joe and I picked out along with her 4 bottles a day. Growing up so fast!! But we are so excited about being able to tone down on the formula once she turns ONE!! Milk is so much cheaper!! School also told us that all ONE YEAR OLDS MUST HAVE SHOES!! I was like....OH NO!! Alexis HATES SHOES!! But lucky enough, one of her teachers at school has a daughter that had the same challenge as I do and recommended a very forgiving shoe for the first pair. I was so grateful!!!

This year really has zoomed past us!! I can't believe it has been already a year and I am planning my baby's first birthday party. We are truly thankful for our lives and the wonderful addition that came 11 months ago! Life is so much fuller with Alexis in it and definitely a lot more fun. We go back to the DR on January 14th for her 1 year check-up and more SHOTS of course. We are anxious to see how much she has grown since we are noticing her height when she stands up in her crib, on the couch, or just anywhere. She is also able to reach for so much more!

Happy Holidays to you and your Family!!! We are definitely looking forward to this one since it is the FIRST for our princess.

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