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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Professional Pictures

I have finally added our Professional Pictures taken by Mrs. Angie Kohn to the website! We were very pleased with the results since she got antsy just like any other baby gets but we were able to get some pretty good pictures...a smile would have been nice but oh well...can't be too picky these days. Alexis still hasn't taken her first steps by herself away from any furniture but will walk if you encourage her from one place to the next. She can now "walk" between items such as the entertainment center and an end things that are close together. She is definitely doing more standing than sitting and more steady now that we have introduced shoes the last week. It's only a matter of time!! I am not sure we are ready for her to walk for the holidays....but like crawling, she will take off when she is ready.

She's trying to smile...


Had to take one with her Godparents....

Of course Lexi is talking...

A great one with the whole family...and of course sitting on Grandpy's lap.

We had to try outside since the weather was so nice!

Getting antsy after over an hour of pics...

Yay for Lexi flashing everyone...

Attempting a second dress...

Always a daddy's girl..

I will be back with an update after her first birthday party and her one year trip to the Doctor.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!! See you in 2010!!!

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