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Thursday, April 15, 2010

15 Months

We finally made the appointment to get some pictures done of Alexis! I can't believe the last time we had them done was at 8 1/2 months!! Such a slacker mom!! Here we are waiting for our pictures to be taken since JCPenny is not the best at keeping their appointment times but you can't beat the prices of the pictures! the session didn't start out so well and of course Mommy and Daddy got a little nervous...

So, we decided to give it a try and see what happens...GOOD THING WE STUCK IT OUT!

Gotta love the close ups!

We absolutely love this one!! That grin is classic!

She looks so grown up here!
Many parents brought several outfits to change into for pictures but since Alexis HATES being changed at home, we were not taking our chances in trying to change her!  Only one outfit  and the fact that she kept her barrette in so we were very pleased with the pictures of only 10 minutes of shooting. :-)

We did have our 15 month check up on Wednesday April 14th and Alexis's health checks out with flying colors. Even though she was crying and fussing the whole time, all moms learn to talk over the screaming when at the DR's office or else you will never get your questions answered! We did have a concern about her right foot looking like it is turning in a bit when she walks but the DR said not to worry that it will work itself out as she grows. She said she would know right away if Alexis's foot needed some help. We also got 2 shots!  Her head of course is still in the 95%, she has grown almost 2 inches in 3 months and weighs in at 22 pounds. This is a little on the light side for her age BUT she is such a busy body with running, climbing and exploring, it's no wonder she burns what she eats.

Playing ball outside

She found her baby tub and had to play in it..something about getting in and out of things she just loves!

Boxes are the easiest form of entertainment!

She has learned to use her Elmo chair to help her climb onto the furniture without our help.

Alexis has a TON of teeth!! Her 1st Molars have come in and those have come with many sleepless nights for all of us! The DR couldn't believe how many teeth she had and was shocked her 1st year molars were already here!! I told her, BELIEVE IT!!, since we are not sleeping, She would wake up SCREAMING and nothing would console her until the pain went away. We definitely have a painful teether! The DR did say that the 2nd Molars are not as bad as the 1st...that helped a little bit.

Please teeth come in faster!!

Still loving the pigtails!

Her frustrated look....

Classic pic of her dragging around her blankie and carrying her monkey with her

Her Aggie Jammies!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Mommy and her princess looking at a magazine

It's "Support Your Team" at school!! Gotta support our Ags any chance we get!

Can't wait until we can have pacifier-free pictures!

Her new table Mommy and Daddy bought! It's amazing what they learn day to day. The other night we were playing with Alexis and she could match shapes and knows which shoes/socks go with each other. We couldn't believe it and with no help with mommy and daddy. She loves to "color" and sit at her table and read books or just have ALL of her toys on there and play and watch TV.

She's a HUGE talker!!  Anyone that knows her Momma, this should not come as a surprise! She will pick up her toy cell phone, say "Hello" and start talking with hand motions and different tones in her jabber and then say "Good-bye" when she is done talking! Even her teachers say she jabbers all day long and once she can put her words together and make sentences, everyone is in trouble!

Easter was actually a really good day. She LOVED to Easter egg hunt as you will see from the pictures. We went to brunch at one our family's favorite places that included Grandpy and Grammy, Uncle Mere and Uncle Paul. and Uncle Larry, Aunt Kayla and Cousin Mallory. We LOVE this brunch!! It's so YUMMY! And they had an area for Easter egg hunting!! Wahoo!

Grandpy  and Alexis saying Hi to the Easter bunny

Here we on the Easter egg hunt!

Daddy, there is more over there, I just know it!

Our attempt at a Family Pic...hmmm....

More Easter egg hunting at Grandpy and Grammy's after Brunch

Totally LOVE this pic

So much Easter egg hunting that her shoes started to fall off!

In her comfy Easter outfit and sitting in her bean bag chair that Grandpy and Grammy got her

Definitely never a dull moment with Alexis. She just gets faster and stronger with walking/running/climbing. But she is also testing us to see what we will let her do and not do. Parenting and Disciplining has definitely stepped up a notch in the last month. This age is definitely cute BUT they understand what you are telling them and sometimes choose to listen or not. We can't wait until she can tell us what she wants!!

Still teaching her the good stuff

Fun close up!

For some reason she likes to clean off things with a rag...she doesn't get that from her momma!

Playing the "Where is your nose" game with Daddy

Ravioli MESS! She took a 2 1/2 hour nap after her JCPenny photo shoot and then chowed down on Ravioli and made a huge mess but Daddy insisted!

Too pretty not to go outside!

Chilling on the deck outside with Daddy under the sun umbrella

She had to sit in a chair by herself

There's our goofy BUG!

Yep..she is trying to figure out a way to climb on the chair without our help.

Go Lion Go!!!

We are excited about our upcoming trips that include a few plane trips to see extended family. The first is in June to go see Daddy's extended side and the 2nd is over 4th of July weekend to go meet Great-Grammy!! Only time will tell how she likes planes!!
Our next appointment is July 8th for her 18 month appointment! I can't believe we are already to this point and almost done with the Every 3 month check ups! I am glad since Alexis HATES the DR office.
Until next time!!

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  1. SO cute! Alexis is just adorable, I love the little personality. Luckily our girls seem to be ditching the pacifier all on their own.