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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Couple of "Firsts"

Daddy, Alexis and Grandpy standing in front of the elephants

We finally made it to the Zoo before it got too hot! And we also got really lucky with the weather because once we got in the car, it started  pouring! Good timing is all we have to say about that. We managed to get to the zoo right when it opened and we were very shocked to see that many other parents had the same idea of getting out of the house despite the torrential downpour that was on its way that afternoon. We were not able to cover the whole zoo since our 16 month old princess doesn't have the patience for that just yet but we hit the hotspots such as the monkeys, the water animals, the petting zoo(which Alexis HATED) and we had lunch with Grandpy and Grammy who joined us for the first zoo trip.

Snack time while looking at the monkeys

The Monkeys were very active so we stayed there a long time since Lexi seemed to enjoy them

What kind of trouble can I get into?

Grandpy giving Lexi a boost to see the animals a little closer

She wasn't sure about the carousel, she would NOT sit on the one of the animals that went up and down so we settled for a bench

There was also a slide that she absolutely loved going down with a little help of course. And she wanted to climb back up it!

All tuckered out from the day at the zoo.

As for the udpates from last month, Alexis is starting to play on her own more instead of wanting mommy and daddy by her side all the time. She definitely is getting into more and can reach more since we think she is going through a growth spurt byt the way she eats and sleeps! If there is something on the edge of the table, she can reach up and grab it! I found a cup that was on the table in the trash the other day. She likes to pick things up and throw them away for some reason.

She can now reach to a few shelves in the pantry. We have had to move things several times.

Alexis also likes to take all the tupperware out of the cupboards and line them up on the kitchen floor

We have given up in trying to keep our cupboards neat!

Daddy decided to cut her bangs....since they were in her face and she actually got mad about it since she couldn't see! And she wouldn't let mommy put her hair up and we lose ALOT of barrettes!

Found this portable toy holder at Walmart and she assumes its for her to get in..pretty funny though!

Alexis and all her friends in the toy box

Daddy bought her a pool since it is almost hot enough for her to swim

She just likes to play in it with all her toys right now

Her hair was done by her teachers at school

On her way to her first crawfish boil

Miss Hollywood

Of course they had a moonbounce there that we eventually had to pry her away from. She loves these things!

Our princess

Trying to climb up Daddy's chair while he is eating crawfish

Relaxing on a chair

We all wore name tags!

Playing with Ashton

Giggling at Ashton!

Getting a ride from Daddy

Getting antsy in Daddy's lap

Alexis and Daddy

Snacktime before we get ready for bed!

Mother's Day was wonderful this year even though Joe had to leave for a business trip to Alaska later in the day. But my sister and her hubby made brunch for all of us, which included my parents. It was defintitely a good day!

Me, my mom and my sister

3 generations!! We see Great Grammy over the 4th and hope to get a 4 generation pic!

Alexis and Grandpy walking around outside

Alexis is such a lady when she relaxes!! ;-)

Alexis and Mommy stayed with Grandpy and Grammy the first night Daddy was gone since it was still Mother's Day. Lexi loves it there since she gets to do pretty much anything!

Like play in the "bubbles" in their spa

Grandpy pushes her around on her tricycle until her legs are long enough to reach the pedals


Playing on Grandpy and Grammy's deck

Grandpy giving Lexi a lift

More bubbles! Looks like she is about to fall in!

Getting ready for bed but couldn't believe how flexible she is!

She just started doing this since we were all laughing at her.

Can we say Gymnast?

Chillin at a Mexican restaurant on a Friday night!

We still can't believe how fast she is growing. She now puts 2 words together like purple turtle or go "ouside". She definitely has a lot to say because of the way she moves her hands and her body when she talks. She is beginning to know series of events like we need to put her shoes on before we go outside. She loves bathtime and as soon as we mention Bubbles, she takes off running towards to the tub shouting "Bubbles"! It's hilarious! She can name all the parts of her face, as well as her feet, hands, arms, belly, etc...We are getting ready to climb! She is so close with being able to put her foot up and pull herself up onto anything! We are definitely not ready for that! Other than that...things in the teething department have been calm lately and even in the temper tantrum department, things have been calm. She is slowly learning she can't have everything she wants and will move on to something else. Her first plane ride is on June 8th to go see Daddy's extended family in Michigan which is just around the corner when you have a toddler.Aunt Julia and Uncle Dave will also be going with us. I know mommy is more anxious then Alexis about the plane ride! We will have lots to report after the trip!

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