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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our First Trip Together

Well, we finally decided it was time to brave our first airplane trip to Michigan with our very mobile and VERY vocal princess. We were a little worried since we had to make a trip to the DR a week before we were leaving since Alexis was running fever and sent home from school one day. Turns out, she had some fluid in one ear! So we got on some quick acting medication since we could not mess around with the trip so close! We definitely took a chance since we had to connect to get to our destination so we really tested the limits of Alexis! Our flight out was not too terribly early BUT we had to wake her up to get to the airport at a decent time and she wasn't too happy about that! Lucky for us Grandpy picked us up and was able to distract her. For our first trip, we actually did pretty good on the packing part in regards to not overloading too terribly on things we didn't need.

Here we are at the Houston airport and we just finished our breakfast. We had to bring her carseat since we were renting a car so we were told to put it on wheels so we could pull her along in airports. This thing was a HUGE lifesaver and she loved it! She didn't mind being carted around on escalors, moving walking floors. trams between terminals...WE DID IT ALL!

Of course by now she is awake and has all the energy an 18 month old has!! Playing all over the place and of course running all over the place. We had to change her diaper before we got on the plane and we used our fingers to ask Alexis to "come here" and before you know it, she is mocking us!!! We couldn't stop laughing! Her little finger telling us to come to her...too cute.

Here she is on Daddy's lap...taking off from Houston and flying to Detroit where we had to connect to Michigan. She did really good on the way up with no problems with her ears but on the way down was another story! She was sleeping when we were told to start getting ready for landing and we had to wake her strike #1, and she was hungry strike #2, and she had to either sit in our lap or her own seat strike #3 so we experienced our own kind of fit from our daughter on the plane. Lucky for us, it only lasted a few minutes but any parent knows that a few minutes of a screaming child feels like FOREVER! But we got through it!

Here we are at the airport at our final destination and of course what does she spot....YES!! The luggage carousel and definitely wants to climb on it and run on it. She kept giving us that, "are you watching me look".

Our little helper! Checking out of our first hotel and she wants to help with anything that is on wheels. But first we have to climb on it and test it out.

We had to unplug the phones at both hotels because she would always pick up the phone and try to call someone...Grandpy was one and Aunt Wuwee(Julie) since she was also there with us from Dallas.

We are astonished at her vocabulary!! She is now putting 3 words together like "I love you" and recognizing what animals are such as "turtle green" and "get in water". She is definitely a sponge so we have to be VERY careful what we say because she LOVES to repeat!

Aunt Vickie bought a little swimming pool for Lexi which she loved!! The majority of the time, we didn't get to her in time for a bathing suit before she drenched herself with a cup of water or tons of splashes!

Alexis was a really good sleeper! We had to bring her pack n play all the way from Texas but her sleep pattern stayed right on schedule for the most part. Most of the time we would put her to bed at our Aunt's house(since that is where we spent most of our time with the family) and then just scoop her up when it was time to go and relocate her and her pack n play to the hotel. We were so grateful! We had tons of snacks for her when she woke us and even let her eat in bed and watch cartoons until Mommy and Daddy were ready to go and get some breakfast. She even napped during the day for a couple of hours each day. A lot of setting and breaking down the pack n play but totally worth it so she could sleep!

Sitting on her cousin Cadie's lap and playing while the grown-ups played a game called "Catch Phrase".

Admiring the big pool from the sidelines.

Had to put a hat on her since it was getting a little too sunny for her fair skin.

Uncle Bill and Aunt Vickie had a family reunion BBQ while we were up in Michigan in which we were able to see a lot of family. It was tons of fun and Alexis got to meet a lot of family that had not met her yet.

Sitting in her cousin's lap..Abby

Playing with her cousin Aidan in the pool

Aunt Diane was willing to hold her snack bowl while she played with the jewerly she let her wear!

Playing the "what's on Daddy's face" game in the Atlanta airport while we wait for our connection. We had a minor incident in the Atlanta airport. There is so much to see and do in airports and of course our toddler wants to touch EVERYTHING!! And this time is was play with a pay phone( Didn't know these still exist!). Of course we didn't let her and we even moved locations so out of side out of mind would kick in but NO SUCH LUCK!! She threw a hissy fit and it didn't help that she was so very tired. So, another temper tantrum that lasted for about 5 minutes and screaming at the top of her lungs so all of Atlanta could hear her. But, like the first time, we got through it. She ended up falling asleep on Mommy's lap on take off! And slept for about an hour.

We had to end our travels with a nice hot bath in her favorite tub and Dora "strawberry" Bubbles.
It was definitely a good trip with a few minor incidents. We are so grateful we have a good traveler. We are off to Oregon for the 4th of July to meet Great Grammy!! The whole family is going this time, Grandpy and Grammy and Uncle Paul and Aunt Mere. We are very much  looking forward to this trip as well. We will have lots to report since a few days after we get back we go in for our 18 month check-up and we will have completed our first 4 week session of swim lessons!

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