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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We are definitely going through many phases at one time with Miss Alexis these days. She is back in the phase of where she doesn't want to be dressed or diapered again! We experienced this around 10 months and the evil and challenging phase is back! This time she is a lot faster and more vocal about it. And feeding her is always a challenge but now she will tell us she is "all don" and wave her hands and then want to eat what Joe and I are eating!

She came home with a pretty good pigtail from school and of course I had to get a picture of it!

After 3 weeks of swimming lessons, we now have a waterbaby on our hands so this is definitely a GREAT phase! It took a few kicks and screams but we jumped a big hurdle this past Saturday with her being dunked and really not crying all that much except for the first 10 seconds of when I had to hand her off to her instructor. Getting her dressed for swim lessons is another story!

Swimming on Father's Day

She is in a MAJOR "NO" phase right now. We will ask her if she is ready for bed and she will flat out say NO BUT...when she is ready for bed, she will lead you to her room. But right now everything is NO with pursed lips and shaking her head.

Hamming it up for Momma in her playbox

Reading before bedtime

Lounging on Daddy while reading another book

And for some reason she has to put her feet on the book while reading...who knows why but it was funny!

The most recent phase is she does not want to be dropped off at daycare in the morning! Normally, I just drop her off, sit her down at the table since they are serving breakfast and she is all for it! But not recently, she death grips me and screams "NO" when I try to put her down while in her classroom! I do call her school while on my way to work to see how long lived the "fit" is and the power of distraction seems to work just fine. Just tack on another phase while we are at it! AND, we are getting our Eye teeth in in which the pacifier is constantly being used and of course all the drool!

We have one more airplane adventure for our princess. We leave for Portland, Oregon on July 1st to go see Great Grammy! We are all looking forward to this trip since the whole family is going. FUN!! We are continuing our swim lessons through the month of July and have our 18 month check-up on July 8th. More shots! GRRR! But only a few this time.

Happy July 4th to everyone! We are escaping the Texas heat for a long weekend. :-)

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