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Friday, July 16, 2010

Halfway to 2 years

Wow!! I didn't realize how long it had been since I last "blogged"!! But we have been busy to say the least!! Mommy and Daddy both had some really great but BIG changes at work in which they are now in different positions and loving it!! But of course their is always the transition phase in which they are both still trying to wade through. As for our princess, everyone that has ever had a toddler knows that things change quickly! Shortly after I "blogged" last time, the crying phase when we dropped her off at school stopped. It seems Alexis is cutting her 2nd Molars and was definitely "feeling it" since she was always irriatated, clingy, needy and seemed overly sensitive. But, the day after she ran a slight fever, she seemed to snap out of her little "phase" and our happy go lucky little lady is back. We had a little spoof of it when we got back from our Oregon trip since she was around our family and is always spoiled but it really didn't last long.

Still a messy eater!

Our Oregon Trip was WONDERFUL!! Not only did we miss the torrential downpour of rain that came down in Houston(all time record in the few days that it took place), the weather was a nice change(even though it was a bit chilly the first day we got there and we experienced a light shower) from the heat. It was definitely a fast, jam-packed with visiting family, vacation but nice all the same. Alexis was able to meet some of her cousins, some aunt and uncles and most importantly, her Great Granny. It took Lexi a few days to warm up to her but eventually she gave Great GiGi(as she ended up calling her) a smile and would "play" with her. We were very lucky that Auntie Meredith and Uncle Paul were able to come with us as well as PaPa and GiGi. So we had LOTS of help while we were there. Daddy, Uncle Paul and PaPa got a chance to play a few rounds of golf since the courses are so scenic in Oregon while Mommy, Auntie and GiGi went to the park and chased around our 18 month old. We also were able to take a tour of local and well know winery while in Oregon which had been a first for all of us! We got to taste several different wines as well. Needless to say, we were feeling good after this tour! Miss Alexis did WONDERFUL on the plane with take off and landing and she started to get antsy towards the end of the 4 hour flight(but who wouldn't!). She did great with her nighttime sleeping habits...napping was a bit of challenge but we got at least a small one in each day.

Waiting to board our plane in Houston to Portland

Hamming it up!

On a Winery Tour in Oregon..Willamette Valley Vineyard, where the bottles are corked and packaged

Wine cellar where the wine ages

Getting ready to start our wine tasting

wow..that is a lot of empty glasses

It was a little chilly

Out on the deck at the Vineyard

Love their Chardonnay

Of course she had to find something to play with

Auntie and Lexi snuggling

Time to leave the Winery and meet some family for dinner! PaPa and GiGi have it covered.

PaPa and his Girl on the 4th

Uncle Paul letting her get away with hanging on Great Grammy's clothesline

Playing Kick with Uncle Paul

Getting ready to go on a walk to the Park

4 Generations with Grandma, Mom, Me and Alexis...Auntie was holding her up since she didn't want to sit in our lap in the front.

Joe and I honestly can't believe how much she has grown over the last few months. She knows almost all body parts, all her colors, her teachers at school tell us she knows everyone's name, and she is starting to connect words into sentences, short sentences of 3 or 4 words but we were still shocked. School tells us she gets concerned when other kids are playing with other kids things. We were told she told a little girl to get off another girls cot when it was naptime! She is also able to recognize some action words and use them correctly, like swim in the "wawa", put shoe on or read a book. The not wanting to be diapered or undressed/dressed phase has calmed down a bit but it still shows up every now and then.

Singing in the pool
We were so pleased with the results of her swimming lessons, that we decided to sign her up for another 6 weeks that takes her through the middle of August. She's SO close to being able to lay on her back while her instructor holds her....we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. She definitely attempts it in the tub and when she is on her belly, she kicks and moves her arms in "swimming" motion that her instructors have been working with her on. We were in the pool last weekend and again, the difference between the first of the summer and now is ridiculous! She definitely feels more comfortable in the water and is more willing to take chances in the water, which is of course stressful for mommy and daddy but she doesn't whine anymore when trying something new in the water. She's really not into her float since she can walk on the 2nd step in our pool that goes around a good part of the shallow end and through our waterfall(that she now loves).

Playing on the steps in the shallow end

Giving Daddy a "Kissy"

We had our 18 month check up on July 8th...yes, I am definitely behind in posting!!! And Alexis REALLY doesn't like the DR office AT ALL! As soon as we got into the examining room, it was game over for my eardrums! She cried when the nurse weighed her, measured her height and her head. Which, by the way, Miss Alexis weighs in at 23 pounds(50%) and stand 32 inches tall(75%). Her head is still in the 95%! Go figure! So, the nurse leaves and she settles down and goes back to playing with her toys that we brought and then her pediatrician comes in and now I have an attachment on my hip while screaming. So, trying to take a look at her ears was a chore since I had to hold Alexis in my lap while holding her head in between my  hands so the DR could look in her ears!! Got to get a thorough look since she has had so many double ear infections! So, once again the DR and I are screaming at each other and discussing developmental things for Alexis and they also tested for Autism and she was telling me that Alexis is fine. But they also test for it at 2 years. SOOOOOOOOOO....the DR leaves and Alexis settles down and we get her dressed but we still have to get a shot....YAY for mommy's ears!!! So, once we are dressed, her favorite nurse from before comes in and gives her a quick shot. Now, Alexis's recovery time from a shot was so quick, that I didn't even realize she got a shot...or maybe I was just used to the over an hour crying session that I just didn't notice! We are definitely in the terrible 2's! Alexis is right on track with her height, weight and head circumference as well as all her developmental skills....and even ahead of her time in some areas(like the talking...yep..she is definitely mine!). She is all over the place with walking, running, jumping, climbing, kicking and throwing a doesn't stop until nite nite!!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that we do not have to go back to the DR until January for her 2 year appointment and one more shot but with the seasons changing in the fall...we get into trouble! I am hoping to not let as much time pass between postings! We sure have been busy!
Until next time!

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