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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time Flies


Wow..I can't believe I am so bad at this posting thing!!! Time sure flies when you are having fun with your Toddler. Things are WAY better since I last blogged. We are all done with phases for the moment and our happy go lucky toddler has been with us for the last few months. Since the last blog, Alexis has grown in 2 more of her front teeth..the left top and bottom Eye teeth and is currently working on the right side. So this will leave us with just the 2 year molars in which we are keeping our fingers crossed will not give us any problems unlike the rumors we have heard. No fussiness with the teeth, she just gets tired since it seems she has been going through several growth spurts the last few months as well. We are noticing that she can reach some new places and will bring us items that we thought were "safe". We should know by now to never think this!! So...what's new?!! Lexi's vocabulary has decided to EXPLODE!!! She can not only speak in sentences but she can also use words in the right context. I don't even know where to begin with everything that she can say and do with hand motions! She was singing Farmer in the Dell to me this morning! The fact that I could recognize the tune just amazed me. Some of the latest and greatest are:

1. Momma Look!!
2. Come here Momma/Dadda
3. No Momma/Dadda no Nite nite
4. It's dark outside, nite nite?
5. Where did it go?
6. I don't know
7. When she sees something she doesn't like, she will say,'s really kind of cute!
8. When we are in the car going to school, Momma, the light is green, Go Go!! And when it's red, she will say time to stop!
9. Anytime we go anywhere and get back to our house, she will say, We're here!!!
10. And being the good parents that we are, sometimes Alexis has to remind us that we need to brush her teeth at night!!
11. And she loves to sing with songs on the radio...
12. This week she has figured out the concept of ouch and what it means. When she is being rough with her stuffed animals, I will say, Ouch...and then she will give the stuffed animal a hug. I will ask, all better, and she says, Yeah.
I am sure I am forgetting some!

We have been trying to play outside but it's SO hot on the weekends still right now but we know she does get to run around on some cool playground equipment at school and that wipes her out pretty good.

She started in 4 word sentences about a month ago and the fact that we can have a conversation with our 21 month old is just incredible. She can understand a lot of what we say and if she doesn't understand, she will ask. We love it now that we can communicate!!!

   Sticker Time!
Her Masterpiece from the morning of sticker play

We did decide to buy her a potty last month and just start introducing her to the concept since she is showing signs that she is ready and starting to understand what it is all about. Active training doesn't begin until October since Daddy has been traveling for business the majority of September. But he seems ready to start potty training her at 21  months! CRAZY!! That's definitely all him right now. However, Alexis will be moving to the 2 year old room at the end of this year and they really emphasize potty training in this classroom.

                                                            Checking her new potty out.
                                                                  Off to a good start!

Lexi is still a reading machine at night once the TV goes off and we have watched her Blue's Clues. We will read a book and then she will read the same book and we do this for about 5-6 books!
                                                              Reading on Daddy's Lap

Daddy has this BIG book with all sorts of short stories(from when he was little) in it that of course she doesn't know what they are but because the book is BIG, she loves it!

Lexi's own library!! Thanks Aunt Julia for the Dr. Seuss book club membership!!
Lately, Alexis has been noticing that Mommy has a lot of Elmos(since I like to collect them) and she is also figuring out how to turn them on!!

The Pizza Elmo..she keeps turning it on until she knows what they are saying and can sing the song back. She also does this with her Alphabet table as well. She will keep pressing the button and sing her ABC's until she knows the whole thing!! Of course a dance is also accompanied with her singing and  maybe some tumbling. She loves to somersault! Joe and I couldn't stop laughing on Sunday when she was singing her ABC's and dancing with hand motions and little kicks and everything!

Time to press it again!

She actually likes her sunglasses

And so we had to keep them on in the house. Had to get a pic since she let me put her hair up and then she took it down right after I took these pictures.

Watching TV

We have been VERY fortunate with Alexis's health. The last time we went to the DR was in June and that was for precaution since we were traveling to Michigan(and her ears were an issue the first year) but she has had NO problems whatsoever!! (Knock Knock). She will get the occasional runny nose while she is teething and then it's gone the next day. Right now, we go back to the DR in January for her 2 year check up!! And I have to "start" thinking of a 2 year birthday party one of these days...Blue's Clues or Dora..hmmmm....With all of her growth spurts, Alexis has been eating like a bottomless pit!!! And she LOVES fruit!! She will eat anything with a utensil when she feels like it that is..but she can eat with a fork and will eat pudding or applesauce(her favorite) with a spoon with no help. She will scoop and eat! She's a great eater and a great sleeper. Getting her to bed is a challenge sometimes but she eventually gives in. We have having a blast right since her personality is really starting to show! I will try to take more pictures next time but she won't sit still very long for us but I guess I will just have to chase her. Until next time!
For some reason she likes to sit in her stroller and then tells me GO GO Momma!

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