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Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Well, at least my blogging is getting a little closer together!! :-) We have had a VERY busy last 30-40 days since we last "spoke". Our little girl is growing up so fast right before us and her vocabulary just keeps expanding. Joe and I are always astonished on a daily basis on what kind of conversation we get to have with our almost 2 year old!! We are really enjoying our princess and have a TON of fun with her. I can't say that we have really experienced the "terrible twos" but then again I have heard sometimes we skip the 2's and the terrible 3's happen. We do have the occasional outburst or temper tantrum but we normally are good at noticing what sets her off. All in all, Lexi is pretty calm but can get a little hot headed every now and then. We had a WONDERFUL TURKEY season. We were able to have 2 Turkey Days. On Thanksgiving, we were invited to my aunt and uncle's house where my "gourmet" chef cousin(yep, he graduated from culinary school) cooked our Thanksgiving dinner and let me tell you how AWESOME that was!! We got to see the Aggies beat the Longhorns on Thanksgiving as well.
Lexi playing with her cousin Nikki. She had animals and a DOLL HOUSE that we had to tear Alexis away from.

On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, the immediate family got together at Mom and Dad's since our brother-in-law is from a HUGE family and he and my sister needed to spend some time on Thanksgiving with his side. But Dad cooked up a turkey and the rest of the family chipped in with all the sides. Needless to say, we had a share of turkey AND all the sleepy effects that go with it.
Other than, that, we have been busy cleaning out and rearranging our house for the newcomer due May 13th. Here Lexi is helping me figure out what is for Baby and what stays in her room. We have a lot more stuff than I thought for a newborn!She had to test the bumbo chair out and she still fits! But we have managed to clear out a room(our former study), turn our formal living room into a study, buy office furniture, we decided to go ahead and get Lexi her big girl bed and transition her into that before the baby arrives. All we need now is the GENDER!! We find out what we are having on Wednesday, DECEMBER 29TH!!! I am glad that we are finding out after the holidays so I can focus on Christmas with the family and not be thinking about what to get for the baby's room. Because once we find out, it's GAME ON for getting the room ready. We will paint first, then put new carpet in and then set up the furniture!

Lexi came home from school(here she is in her spirit shirt) with a ponytail and I went crazy with the camera since she doesn't let me put her hair up!

Getting a haircut from Daddy, just her bangs.

And we did this all while she watched Dora!! Imagine that!

Getting into trouble.....

She is finally showing some interest in the Christmas Tree and wanting to touch all the ornaments and asking us "What's this?".

She made an ornament at school and Daddy helped her put it on the tree

SOOOOOOOO..we have a dancing queen on our hands

And here's her Live in Concert!!
Sorry it's so dark, she had to start dancing by the Christmas Tree when minimal light was on!

Being a bum on the weekend. She loves to be a bum on Sundays and just lay around.

Gotta Love this face!!

I just had to take a picture of her in this outfit. We have been real fortunate with Lexi "recycling" her toys. I know Mommy and Daddy are ready for some new toys but every 2-3 months she seems to go back to a toy she has played with before. We are just glad she is still interested in her current toys but we agree that it is time for some new toys and "bigger" girl toys since she seems to be outgrowing her current toys. We still read every night before we go to bed but lately, Alexis has been reading to us and has been doing really well. She has managed to memorize 5 of her books by looking at the pictures and by listening to us read it over and over. The tone and the sounds are all right on the money!! Joe and I can't believe it! It's definitely entertaining.

Christmas Cards are sent out, Alexis's birthday party invitations are sent out, decorations are up, most of the presents are bought and wrapped, baby's room is ready to find out the gender. Our "checklist" before the holidays is almost done! Just a few more gifts to pick up!! Now we can just RELAX!!


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