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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

We had a wonderful but VERY hectic Christmas this year. We started off on Christmas Eve celebrating with extended family and relaxing/exchanging gifts. It was nice to catch up and just relax right before the "storm" hit.

Opening her Fridge Alphabet on Auntie's Lap

Time to open presents( for the kids only)

Cousin Nikki and Lexi really play good together even though there is like a 5 year gap!

Christmas came and went TOO quickly but it was a long day to say the least. Lexi was up at 7am, we fed her some "Christmas pancakes" and then got her dressed and ready to go for 9am church but FIRST, we opened gifts from Mommy and Daddy!!
Christmas morning pancakes

Time to open some presents!

This little car makes A LOT of noise and of course she LOVES it.

A drawing pad with shapes


Christmas Morning Opening!
Little People Farm!

Daddy had to open that right away!!

After church, in which we met Papa and Gigi at and Lexi was an absolute angel at(no going to the cry or fussy room), we head over to their house to have "breakfast" and start opening gifts. Auntie and Uncle Paul came over shortly after we got there. We had to take breaks with Lexi since she really wasn't into opening one gift right after the other. She wanted to play with the ones she opened right away! So, we would open a few, then take a break, open a few more and then it was time for an almost 3 hour nap! The grown ups played dominos while the princess napped and then we finished once she woke up and had our Christmas dinner that Joe and I were in charge of (filet mignon and crab). I wasn't able to take a picture of all the gifts Lexi opened but I hope I some good ones.

Posing in front of Papa and Gigi's Tree after church

One of 2 backpacks..she got a Dora one and the one she is wearing is Kai Lan

Dress up shoes!
Auntie and Uncle got her chair with her name on it. It rocks and has it's own foot stool! Imagine that!

Here's the tent she got from Auntie and Uncle and she LOVES it! Mommy and Daddy can actually fit in it so she wants to us to play inside it! It's cramped but we manage :-)
Inside her tent with her Dolly that talks constantly unless you turn it off(thanks Gigi)
Watching TV from halfway inside the tent
Playing with Dora and Boots with Gigi
Watching TV on the all time favorite of her! She posed!
Her Kitchen from Papa and Gigi
Her playhouse from Papa and Gigi and the bubble blower is from mommy and daddy
Mommy's friend, Kristen from college, was in town with her family. We were lucky enough to be on the "visit" list! Her hubby and twin princesses hung out with us the afternoon after Christmas.
Lexi playing with Taylor and Madeline, showing them the alphabet train
Our Living Room after the girls tore it up after 90 minutes of playing!
Lexi is all wore out after her playdate! But she had fun meeting Taylor and Madeline.

We had an awesome Christmas!! I don't think anyone was spoiled this year... ;-)

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