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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Wow!! I really can't believe it's already been 2 years and we just celebrated another birthday! Time sure is flying by!! 

We had Alexis's 2nd Birthday party at my parents house just because the Dora Bounce we got her was so BIG!! There was NO way it would fit in our back yard.

And the guys who delivered it said this was one of the smallest ones!! WHAT!!! 
It was hard to get her off this thing!

Her Dora Ball pit from the Moyers!
We were so fortunate with the weather since it turned really nasty the day after her party in Houston. AND it was the day after the Texas A&M bowl game, BUT, despite all that, we had a really good turnout of around 25 people. Lexi had a blast and fought naptime but eventually just passed out. We were able to sit outside and eat TexMex and relax(a little) while the little ones jumped and ran around. I was not able to get all the pictures of her gifts since we were opening them so fast and we had a bunch of toddlers "wanting to help"! Lexi got some really GREAT gifts and has plenty to play with now especially since her birthday and Christmas are so close together. We are set for the year!! 
For some reason, she got really shy when we started to sing Happy Birthday to her!
The cake was YUMMY since it was the same lady that made my sister's wedding cake!

After all the guests left, it was time for the adults to jump!

Papa and Aunt Pam, Lexi and Cousin Nikki

My dad HAD to slide down
and guess who had to do it too?!

Yep! That would be my parents in the jumpy!

Peek a Boo!

She has finally figured out how to walk in my slippers!

The boots were even funnier!


Daddy taught her about the "cape" so blanky became a Cape and she was SuperWoman!

Alexis had her 2 year check up on Wednesday, January 12th first thing in the morning. Since Lexi has a VERY big vocabulary right now, lots of people at the DR's office, including other mom's could not believe she was just 2 for all that she could say. Neither can we!! This was the BEST DR appointment  we have had so far. She didn't shed a tear or get fussy with the DR. She even giggled when she looked in her mouth, listened to her heart and checked out her feet. She got 2 shots this time and NOT EVEN A LIP stuck out! She was more concerned about the sparkly bandaids she got!! I couldn't believe it! No screaming the whole time and while the nurse and DR asked me all the developmental questions, she just sat there and read a book out loud. What are the odds! It's like night and day from the last few appointments. Our princess is weighing in at 26 pounds and standing at 34 inches tall. She's a little on the light side but toddlers are very active by nature since they now run/jump/climb/move very fast! She loved that she got to stand on a big girl scale and they measured her height on the wall! The only change we have is switching milks, no more whole milk and the DR recommended getting the first round of flu shots. We go back in a few weeks for the last round since "flu sightings" at the DR's office have increased.

School has already started transitioning her to the 2 year old room. We are not officially a student in there just yet because the 3 year olds MUST be potty trained. So just waiting on someone to move to the 3 year old room. But Alexis goes and plays with the 2's for the majority of the day, naps with them, eats with them and the teachers take her every hour or so to use the potty. Lexi goes potty for us every night before we put on her pajamas and right after her bath so the routine at school is helping! And we are consistent with at least ONE potty time at home. She is getting better in just telling us she is going potty so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we keep progressing forward like this.

Until next time!!!

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