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Thursday, January 13, 2011

We are having a.......

I had a routine pregnancy check-up on December 29th and this was the big one where we find out the sex!! I wasn't nervous this time like I was with Lexi since this pregnancy HAS BEEN SO VERY DIFFERENT than the first, my gut was telling me what we were having. A lot of people asked us why we didn't find out what we were having before the holidays and that was MY choice because I knew once I found out, I would want to focus on getting ready for this baby! So, I wanted to enjoy the holidays without knowing.


You can imagine how excited we were when we found out!! But the ultrasound technician looked at us and said, you guys know what you are having right? NOOOOOOOO..what in the world do you think we are doing here?!! Crazy!! As soon as we found out we were having a little man, Joe taps me and says, "Guess you are off the hook!!". I was like, I didn't promise you anymore than 2! But most people know that if this baby would've been another girl, Joe would have done his best to convince me to try for another one. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! I'm done! Even if it was another girl, I was done. Me and pregnancy really do not get along. So, you are probably wondering what we are going to name HIM:


Joe's mom named him after his grandfather's(well, their middle names or else he would have been Wayne Wayne!!) and she asked us if we would do the same IF we had a boy. Joe's dad's name: John, my dad's name, James, JOHN JAMES.
Now that we know what we are having, I got antsy immediately in regards to picking out the paint, the bedding, etc. Gigi and Auntie have already started to shop clothes for him since we have all pink! Lexi's big girl furniture is almost all in her room(except for her bed) and the new study furniture is almost put together. Joe has been awesome in putting it together little by little after work once the Christmas tree came down. Once the nursery starts to take shape, I will post pictures! Paint and carpet are first!

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