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Monday, May 9, 2011

Time to play catch up!!

Well, still no Little man so I thought I would take this opportunity to hopefully catch up because who knows when we will be posting next with adjusting to having 2 kids. We honestly thought we would be +1 by now but he seems to be just fine where he is at. I MUST be treating him right with all the good foods! HA!!! Some people might think I am crazy since I am still working!! Yep...still putting in hours at work, moving much slower but still getting up and going. I would be so bored at home since all of John's clothes are washed, his bottles are washed, the nursery is ready, we are stocked and ready to go(for now) on diapers and wipes. All bags are packed for me, John and Lexi while I am in the hospital and a picture project I started intended for maternity leave is almost complete!! I guess I will be catching up on all my DVR'd shows while off work then and finding other "projects" to start.

Sooooooo, what in the world is going on with Little J?!! That is such a good question! I go back to the DR on Wednesday, the 11th, for one final visit pending no water breaking(since my official due date is May 13th) to talk about induction with my DR. All in all, I don't feel too terribly bad for as HUGE as I am. My aches and pains are getting more intense, especially in my hips!! They are really hurting this last month! I am having more contractions but they are still very far apart. I am getting a decent amount of sleep each time but I do know that I am ready to NOT be pregnant. Even Joe is ready to stop playing the waiting game. We got spoiled with Lexi in regards to knowing when she would be here but JJ will be much bigger than Lexi since he is full term and my ever growing belly is clear that he is bigger. He is very active but does let Mommy sleep from 11-5 and then starts up again. But his movements definitely pack more of a punch or stab now that he is bigger!! I will keep you posted or the next time I post, I will have pictures of our little man! :-) We are anxiously awaiting his arrival and can't wait to meet him.

Mother's Day
Again, we thought we would be +1 for Mother's Day so my family was kind enough to plan the menu and my sister and husband hosted us at their place so Joe and I didn't have to do anything and I'm so HUGE, that it's hard to move anywhere! However, my day was wonderful. Joe let me sleep in and then cooked me French Toast for breakfast. I received some flowers on the doorstep the day before. Lexi came home from school on Friday for a gift for me that specifically instructed me NOT to open until Sunday.

It has a wonderful mother poem on the inside when you open the ladybug wings. Melted my  heart!! So of course it made the fridge.
We headed to my sister's house for some awesome home cooking by her and our brother-in-law. And of course the family tradition of dominoes was played while Miss Alexis took her 2 hour nap. We travel a lot lighter now that she sleeps in a big girl bed. :-)

She was so tired after all the running around she did with Uncle/Auntie/Papa that she halfway made it up the couch. She's watching Dora here. But she LOVES to wear skirts on the weekends so she can shake her hips in, so shopping for mommy has become superfun!! Her vocabulary is still EXPLODING and school can't believe how many words she knows and says she talks like a 3 year old. Um, her daddy and I certainly know that!! But it's amazing how all of a sudden she will pair the right words with verbs and her storytelling is becoming much more detailed! She is still not a fan of wearing her hair up so we will maybe get an hour of her hair off her face just to make her cooler and then she takes it out. However, her teachers at school and babysitters are able to put her hair up with no problem...hmmmmmm.....

Just a few random  pics to catch up between Easter and Mother's Day. I haven't taken that many since she is so quick with some of her moments and sometimes she chooses to pose and sometimes not so much.
Getting ready to go bye bye with her Kai Lan backpack. 

Helping Daddy put together her Anchor's Away table

Playing and loves getting wet!

I don't think she has enough toys. :-)
Serving Daddy some pancakes from her "restaurant".

Our Dancing Queen

Hands on the hips...definitely my child!
And Lexi in concert
This song is from the Backyardigans...Daddy loves to prompt her!

Cooling off from being outside with some milk and grapes

Chilling on her chair

We are still VERY fortunate with Alexis's health! Our little munchin that started out at 5 pounds 7 ounces and didn't want to breastfeed really has done well. No more ear infections after her 1st year so no tubes, or allergies, no acid reflux or not lactose tolerant, etc... and now that her 2nd year molars are ALL in, she is sleeping like a champ in her big girl bed. She goes through her phases of being a bottomless pit with drinking a TON of milk and then not eating so much and wanting to play more than eat but we are definitely noticing she is getting taller quickly!! Her growth spurts have been close together and she can get into more things since she is bringing us things from shelves we "thought were safe". Potty training is on hold for now because she finally gets what the baby is all about which means we have had some acting up with her and not wanting to cooperate on issues she normally doesn't have a problem with. And so the fun begins!! The hardest part of parenting is not giving in!!!

We had a wonderful and very hectic Easter but it was still great. Miss Alexis was a trooper with the schedule we were on and loved her 3 Easter baskets!! One from mommy and daddy, one from Papa and Gigi and one from Auntie and Uncle. And the great thing was, they were all so very different! We started out with one dress on Easter Sunday but discovered very quickly that it was too short so we had to get her into another more appropriate dress since Daddy didn't like how short the first one is. That is why you will see her in 2 different dresses. Our hectic schedule was church, hanging out Papa and Gigi's house(since our brunch didn't start until noon), brunch, and then back to Papa and Gigi's house. Needless to say, she was ready for a nap!
Her Easter egg hunt before church...can you tell Daddy hid them well? HAHA
Daddy and his princess
Mommy and her princess

OK, dress #2!! Good Gigi with the back-up dresses!
Playing in her tent

This is at Easter brunch...she is hamming it up for Uncle, our little cheeseball

Mommy and Daddy gave her a princess basket for Easter
Look what Uncle taught her to do...imagine that! She was pretending she was the "Bruha" which is Spanish for witch. Gotta love Dora!

We had a nice Day with the family with hanging out at mom and dad's after brunch and playing a little dominoes while Alexis took her 2 hour nap. We also got to spend some time outside since the weather was so nice.


My amazing friend Kim hosted a wonderful Baby Shower for Little J and I on Saturday April 9th. We were so overwhelmed by all the gifts we received as well those ladies that could make it!!!

Kim and I at her beautifully decorated home

We decided to go with a jungle theme for the nursery so it was easy for Kim to decorate!!!

Yummy Cake!!!

Both of my diaper cakes that were made for me. Kim made the one on the left and my really good friend Erin, from Highschool made the one on the right!!! AWESOME!

Erin also made these washcloth cupcakes!! I absolutely LOVED it!

Michelle, Erika, Kim, Me and my sister at the shower

Family pic!! My mom, Me, my aunt Kayla and my sister Meredith

Me and my girls from highschool!! Erin and Brandy(who drove in from Dallas!!). Don't they look awesome!! Can't wait to get my body back. the fun really begins when you get home and have to sort through everything and figure out what you have and don't have!!! We discovered very quickly, there wasn't much we didn't have, except our little man in regards to being ready for him.

Here's what we unloaded from my Dad's Forerunner
And this is still not everything after I dug into everything and sorted!!!

We are SO VERY fortunate that John James has so much family that loves him as well as his DZ Aunties!!
He's SOOOOO spoiled!!! But we needed clothes really bad since we went from pink to blue. :-)

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