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Friday, June 3, 2011

And now we are 4!!

Well, John James Sheehan decided to become part of the family on Wednesday, May 18th at 7:12pm weighing in at 7 pounds and measuring 19 inches. We pretty much had to evict him and induce labor since I was past my due date(May 13th)

Here I am 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant! Very miserable. But after being in labor for 9 hours(on drugs of course), we met our son. Mommy had a few complications but everything turned out fine and everyone is healthy.

The morning after he was born, snuggling in the early morning. Daddy has not come back to the hospital yet. (Yes, I LET him go home and sleep)

Getting ready to go home
We have made it through the first two weeks and I know that I have somewhat adjusted to being sleep deprived I guess since a good portion of the second week, Daddy was out of town on business so I was around the clock with John and eating every 2-3 hours. Whew! But we made it.

We did have a newborn DR appointment on Tuesday, May 30th before Daddy left the country and our little man is doing fine. We had a few concerns but the DR addressed them and said they were normal for a newborn and not to worry. We couldn't remember what Lexi did or did not do 2 years ago.  He gained almost another pound and grew an inch in 2 weeks. HE LOVES TO EAT!!! We don't go back to the DR until he is 2 months old so I am sure we will see a TON of changes in the next 6 weeks. The big one we are waiting for is for him to establish an eating schedule and sleep through the night and give up those 1am feedings!

In the second week, we have noticed he will sleep in his bassinet more, instead of wanting to be held, he's less congested as all newborns are but he can snore!! And his alert time or awake time is getting longer which we hope will lead to him figuring out his days and nights sooner rather than later. John definitely recognizes my voice and he smiles a lot at me when I am talking to him or holding him. He does sigh, coo and is starting to do raspberries..if that is correct...making noises with his mouth thing. I need to brush up on my newborn lingo!

He's definitely gaining weight since I can feel it when I am holding him!! So, we have to try different locations like the mat and swing so my arm gets a break. :-)

So, how is big sister doing? Well, she definitely understands that she is not the baby anymore!! But we have had a few setbacks, especially with potty training, which I have heard is normal as well as some events that have happened at school. We also experienced more tantrums in the beginning, more whining and defnitely clingy to the parent that wasn't holding the baby. But, after 2 weeks, the clouds are starting to clear and she slowly but surely is coming back to her independent self and is starting to take interest in what she used to like to do as well as potty training. Even school said they have had some difficulty with her when John first arrived but things are definitely getting better. Don't we know it! Adjusting to a family of 4 is a bit overwhelming the first few weeks with no sleep, getting used to the numerous feedings, Daddy going back to work, Alexis in school, and making sure our princess gets SOME attention at night when we are so very tired.

We wanted to expose her to John right when we got out of the hospital so we went to go and see her at my parents house where she was staying.

Watching Gigi feed Baby John

She can be a little protective of him at times..

Daddy and his kiddos!!!

We have definitely tried to keep all her routines the same since you never know when she might act up. She recently has decided she wants to take a bath in cold water and no bubbles! She has to feel the water and make sure it's ok so bathtime is whole other experience now!

Getting ready to go swimming with Papa and Daddy

Helping Daddy dunk the ball

She's into girly and frilly things these days!

Getting ready to go to church!! She's SO GOOD in church!!

Telling us a story as we wait for JCPenny to open and get started with John's newborn picture appointment. We were hoping to get a picture with the both of them but she was only in the mood for about 5 minutes to listen to the photographer. However, the newborn pictures of John came out wonderful!! We get those back in a week or so and I will be sure to post.

We are so grateful that John is finally here. Life is definitly more hectic with a newborn and a 29th month old but we are having fun!! I'm on maternity leave until July 25th!! I have no idea what I am going to do with all this time off but surely I can find something.

Can't wait to show the pictures of Mr. John James!!

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