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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well, our Little Man is now 9 weeks old and our Princess is 2 1/2 years old and it has been one hectic ride so far to say the least!!

We are slowly but surely adjusting to life as 4...things were a bit overwhelming at first but we are getting into our groove as John gets older and establishes an eating schedule as well as a sleeping schedule.
Alexis took some time to adjust, nothing major really. She took her break in potty training(which we expected) but now we are back on track. She figured out that she wasn't the baby anymore and went through a whiney phase and put that together with the terrible 2's and you have one unpredictable little girl! You never know what will set her off!!
But as time goes by, she is realizing it's great to be the older sister and she is becoming our little helper when she can. Since "Baby John" as she calls him doesn't do much right now, she interacts with him a little at a time but will help us if we need it. She is ready for him to be walking so they can play. But she is always wondering what he is doing and where he is. She is really good about not trying to pick him up or touching him since Toddlers are one big GERM and she is very gentle with him so we are very pleased. School has also noticed a change in her demeaner and her happy go lucky attitude has finally come back.

I had to take a picture since I wasn't sure how long she would keep her hair up!! She likes to be a princess and dress up in skirts but rarely does she like her hair up.
Alexis still amazes us with her vocabulary!! It's so incredible we just can't even describe it! She knows all her shapes, colors. She can count to 20 and can recognize those numbers on a page if you ask her to find the number. She is starting to recognize which letters make which sounds! All you have to do is read her a book a few times and she has it memorized!! Especially if it's a princess one. We are noticing that she is shy at first when put into a new situation(which we thought was odd with her being in daycare) but have really witnessed this, this summer with her being in Little Gym every Saturday for 10 weeks. She's really clingy at first and then comes out of her shell but still is cautious about what she tries. She is definitely not a daredevil and we realized that she does not like being rushed into anything. And she is very particular in what and how she wants things, especially when we read books, play sticker book, or games we play before bed. Everything has to be just right!

Stealing Daddy's cap!

She loves games that involve pushing her around on things. Here daddy made up a game of pushing a couch pillow on the floor! And of course she wanted to do it over and over. We are realizing the games that take the most out of us are the ones she loves the most!

For Father's Day Lexi helped Daddy open his gifts before we headed over to my sister's house for some BBQ and swimming. We took everything over there but the kitchen sink having 2 small children but it was nice! And nice to get in the pool since it is just plain hot.  
Lexi and her crown she made at school!

John James is doing wonderful!!! We had his 2 month check up on July 13th and he weighed in at 12 pounds and measured in at 22.5 inches. Even the DR couldn't believe how much he had grown since she saw him on his 2 week check up.

We ended up putting Little Man in his room in his crib right around 5 weeks because he is a really loud sleeper and very antsy in his sleep. Joe and I were ready for him to move so we gave it a shot and we have had no problems what-so-ever! We thought why not give it a try since he really wasn't fond of his pack n play..

At first we were worried about him having a touch of acid reflux with him spitting up at random times after his feedings so the DR said to give him some Rice Cereal in his bottle after we saw her for his 2 month check up. BUT, we tried the rice cereal for 2 days in his bottles and he pretty much stopped eating, gagged on what he ate and his sleep schedule was all sorts of off. So, we were quick to take the rice out of his bottle and now our on schedule eater and sleeper is back. He's eating every 3-4 hours starting at 4am/7:30/10:30/1:30/5ish and drinking 4-6 ounces each time. If we can get some fluids in him before he goes to bed which is between 8:30-9pm, we are lucky! But he has some awake time in the evenings and then he is DONE!! At first we were a little worried about this long span of time of him not eating..he ate last at 5ish and then barely ate before bed but he will sleep a solid 9pm-4am! We have tried to get him to eat around 10pm so he would sleep longer into the morning but for some reason he likes this schedule. And a tired baby won't do anything, especially eat!

Passed out on Daddy!

But lately he has started to really "talk", coo, giggle and interact when we are talking and he can get loud! Wonder where he gets that from!

Crazy Mowhawk sleeper!!

I thought I would get more done on maternity leave but he was a little more demanding of my time than I thought. He likes to be rocked in his chair and if I would walk away from him for even a moment if he was awake, he would let me know he didn't like that at all. I returned to work on Monday, July 18th and am glad to be back. His Doctor gave him the green light to start school after his 2 month check up and Alexis was so very excited that Momma was taking her to school again(since that was our routine in the mornings before John) and also that Baby John is coming with us to school. I told the Pediatrician that I was ready to go back to work if Little man could go to school so now we have 2 in daycare! Crazy!! But so far so good with him doing OK in a new environment at school and he's still eating like a champ and taking naps so nothing has been disturbed this first week.  His teachers still can't get over how much he looks like Alexis as a baby and they claim he even has the same mannerism as her. We will see as he grows.

Life is way more crazy with two but we are so fortunate to have them and to be able to raise one of each!

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