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Friday, September 30, 2011

Labor Day Weekend in Tennessee

Well, we decided to be brave and travel over the holiday weekend with both kids which of course entails a LOT of packing. But since we were going with the entire family to a cabin on the river recommended by a family friend, we knew we would have a lot of help and plenty of room for everyone and all our stuff. We were definitely pleasantly surprised when we took our first tour of the 3 story 4 bedroom house that included a front row to floating on the river as well as relaxing on a balcony and listening to the water.

Seeing if the carrier fit our butterball

Little Man's first airplane ride in which he did WONDERFUL on

On our way to the cabin..having a snack

Gameroom on 2nd floor had a SKI ball machine, pool table and yes that massive big screen TV with theatre seats!! We were in heaven watching the first Aggie Football game of the season on it. The 3rd floor was equipped with a room full of tunnels in which mommy/daddy/auntie/uncle had to chase Alexis around in. We all got a workout with the stairs and the 3rd story gameroom but this house did not skip a beat with all the amenities!! The 3rd story also had an air hockey table and pinball machine. 9 TV's in this house!! CRAZY!!

Can't forget the hot tub that was attached to the house off 1st floor.
Here's the back of the house and Lexi/Uncle/Auntie are walking up the path from the river..those stairs lead to the hot tub.
The view of the back of the house.
And part of the river that we had access to. It was deep in some places and very shallow in others.
The cabin even came equipped with inner's a smiling one...
Now goofy at the request of our silly brother-in-law Paul.

It was definitely nice to get away and spend some time with the family in this beautiful, fully stocked house with EVERYTHING!!
We hung out on the deck at night since it was nice outside
Snuggled with Auntie

Auntie even let Alexis "pull" her around

Uncle became a jungle gym when Lexi tried to get the remote away from him!!

We had just enough to do but were able to relax as well. Joe/Jen/Meredith and Paul were able to go white water rafting while Mom and Dad watched the kids. That was a ton of fun!

But everyone knows that with an almost 3 year old..we know who runs the show!! Both gamerooms were a hit with her.

She managed to play her own version of ski-ball!

Here she is using the ski ball machine as a stage!!

Lexi definitely kept busy with 2 levels of gamerooms and a river nearby to throw rocks in.

She was so active, that she could barely keep her eyes open when reading her books at night!
We weren't too far away from a nearby town called Gatlinburg which was great for dining. We were in Tennessee for Dad's birthday and managed to find a nice restaurant to celebrate at. We also went into town and did a little shopping and sightseeing.

The kids did so wonderful with being flexible, eating habits were the same and surprisingly enough, their sleep patterns didn't skip a beat. We had 4 Master suites in the cabin and Alexis got one of them and never had any issues with her "new" room for the trip. We did bring John's pack and play and were a little anxious about the first night but he did so wonderful the whole time we were there.

Chilling with mommy one morning.

Tummy time on Daddy...and he managed to scratch his face while we were there.
Look at that expression!!

Lexi hamming it up since Mommy had her camera out.

Throwing rocks with Pappa into the "stream" while waiting to be seated for our pancake breakfast.

We had a great time in Tennessee!! Joe and I were not surprised at how much work it is to travel with 2 little ones but we were able to relax once they went to bed, played dominoes, watched some football and just enjoyed the scenery!!

Here's where we stayed in the Skipping Stone Cabin.

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