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Thursday, October 6, 2011

John James Baptism

Little Man in his Baptism suit furnished by his godmommy

Whew!! Trying to plan around 8 family members' schedules was a little tough but we managed to get it done so we could all see John James get baptized on Sunday, September 11, 2011. We had a very busy but enjoyable weekend. Aunt Julie and Uncle Dave were able to come and visit from Dallas for the weekend so we definitely made a weekend out of it. We celebrated Joe's birthday on Saturday in which the whole family went out to dinner, minus Alexis and John who stayed with their favorite sitter, Miss "Emmy". Sunday was the big Baptism day but short lived for Joe since his company decided to send him to Malaysia(after we planned the baptism date) for a week to attend several conferences. So he pretty much went to the baptism at 1:30 which lasted for an hour since their were 6 other babies receiving baptism as well, and then had to leave straight from church to the airport! It was a whirlwind of events to say the least but it was really nice to see Aunt Julie and Uncle Dave.

Checking out the lights as we arrived at church. Not taking any chances since he just ate with any drool on his outift. We took the bib off at the last minute!

Daddy and his princess, yep, she is wearing all sorts of mommy's necklaces!

Time for the blessing at the fountain.

Here Paul and Meredith are lighting the unity candle. They are Alexis and John's Godparents.

YAY for awesome Godparents!! We LOVE them!!

John in his baptismal "bibb" after he received all the annoitments on his chest and head. He smelled like PineTree after it was all said and done. That oil was some strong stuff! :-)

Attempting a Family picture

Attempting another picture with the Godparents, too many people taking pictures!

Definitely had to get a picture with Papa and Gigi. I love how John is checking out what Lexi is doing. Priceless!

Daddy and his little man at breakfast

Our happy ButterBall!

Aunt Julie getting her snuggles in!!

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