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Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Halloween

We definitely had a WONDERFUL Halloween this year. Alexis got so into it and their school always encourages the kids to wear their costumes for a day of fun and lots of candy of course. Daddy took the kids trick or treating while mommy stayed home and gave out candy to over 120 kids!! Crazy!!

Alexis is still in the Dora phase but is really starting to get into all the princesses so we let her pick her costume out this year and the winner was Snow White at the costume store. She loved the whole dressing up and actually kept her headband in all night. The red shoes she wore for her school pictures also went with this costume so she was really excited about getting to wear her "pretty" shoes again.
We had to "cut her off" in terms of going to more houses since it was getting late and she had school the next day but more importantly, her basket of candy was getting full!! What a difference a year makes. Last year she made it to only 5 houses, this year, it was close to 20!

Daddy got to "pick" little  man's costume this year so of course being the Star Wars junkie that Joe is, John went as Chewbacca!!!
My poor little prince...but he got a lot of compliments on his costume(go Amazon) and Alexis thought he looked like a Lion! LOL! I have to admit, the first time I saw him with the hood portion of his costume on his head, I couldn't stop laughing since the "fur" stood so high on his head and while I'm laughing at him, he is giggling at me, so it just made it that more awesome.
Trying on the costume when we got it....just right!
Getting ready to go trick or treating in his "Lexus" with his big sister and Daddy.
He loves his stroller!! And passed out after an hour in the stroller and riding around the neighborhhood while his big sister got her candy.

We look forward to both of them walking and talking next year and being able to do more things together. Our red wagon will be put to good use next Halloween!!

More posts to come..still very behind!

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