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Saturday, December 17, 2011

School Pictures

So, we were a little skeptic on how school pictures would go since we requested that our little angels be photographed together but it seems they like the camera whether they are together or separate, therefore we spent mucho $$$$ on pictures!! I guess we can't get lucky every year so we took advantage of the awesomeness!!!
Alexis is 34 months in these pictures and John is 5 months.
I was so excited that I found these red shoes on Amazon and that she liked them since Miss Princess is very picky about what shoes go on her feet. Kind of pricey but she needs something besides her princess tennis shoes, so since we had such good luck with the red, I bought them in brown and black and now she won't wear anything else to school! Go figure. ;-)
Her hair had not been cut yet since she was born in this picture!!

This picture just cracks me up especially when Alexis came home from school the day of pictures and said that the photographers put her baby brother in a trash can!! LOL!!

Happy Baby and a big FLIRT!!! LOVES LOVES being around people but definitely is ready for his quiet time at night when he's ready to fall asleep and drink his last bottle.

I know I am cheesy when I say this but I almost had tears when I saw this picture. It turned out way better than we could have ever expected.

Many more posts to come!! I am so very behind!!

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