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Friday, June 8, 2012

We made it!!

Well, we survived Daddy's 2 week tour of the middle east(Dubai, Saudia Arabia, and Kuwait) and thank goodness we had moved in with my parents since they were a ton of help while he was gone. And we finally go to celebrate John's first birthday in which we were lucky enough to have a TON of family and friends around. He's still not walking yet but he just "graduated" to the Toddler room at school, so we are hoping anytime now since all the other kids in his classroom are walking. I can't believe we can't call him a baby anymore!

SOOOOOOOO, what''s new?!! Well, we had school pictures in May that came out pretty darn good for both kids. Little  man put on two faces, his serious pose and he's goofy grin so we were very happy with the results!

Absolutely LOVE this one of my handsome man.
Who can resist a guy in boat shoes, khakis and a plaid shirt?!! Come on now!! ;-)

John had his one year check up on May 21st and he weighed 22 pounds and measured 29 inches and we survived all the shots! I for sure thought he was heavier but he's been super active and he's first year molars are coming in so exercise and cutting back on the eating will do that to a toddler. Something very scary for the DR office and especially for me took place while John was getting his shots. As he was getting his shots, his tears turned blood red!!! What the?! Thank God that his pediatrician and her nurse were close by so they could see what I was talking about since I was on the verge of freaking out. The DR also freaked out and we had several follow up phone calls(to make sure no more bloody tears) after this episode since no one could explain it. Lucky for us it was a one time incident and explaining it to Daddy over the phone so many miles away was not too fun either but John all in all did great at his one year appointment. His right eye tends to get irritated more than anything with we think allergies so he got treated for allergies in his eyes since he was irritated and we were given ointment to put on his eyelids since he was itching them so bad. Again, leaving the DR office with  medication..story of our life, however, HIS EARS ARE PERFECTLY CLEAR! So, we were told to take the baby allergy medicine for 10 days and if his eye didn't clear up, we would have to visit a pediatric opthimalogist. I was sure we would be making an appointment but lucky for us, the allergy medicine and the ointment worked like a charm. Phew! It seems he is getting all his sickiness out in the first 2 years! :-)

He LOVES to play with his sister and when Alexis comes into the room and gives him love and attention, he really lights up. She's so gentle with him and loves to know where he's is at all times. Already a protective older sister.

Yep..he is pushing Alexis around on his Thomas the Train toy!! So STRONG!

About a week after his one year check-up, his school calls and he had a 104 fever!! Keep in mind Daddy is still gone so my work probably thought I was nuts with all these DR appointments...I take him and they couldn't figure it out and the DR tells us its a virus and it just needs to run its course...again..what the?!. I stay home with John for a day and his fever breaks that night. Phew again!
All these toys and playing with boxes.

Chillin at a birthday party

Trying on sister's boots...

John is now completely on 3 meals a day and is off formula and loving his milk and water out of his sippy cups.

One of his last days on the bottle, I told him to chug and  here's what he did. Making us Sheehan's proud! Hahahaha

Miss Alexis is turning into quite the little lady these days with wanting to wear dresses and skirts to school. She recently pitched a fit when her shirt didn't have something pretty on was a blue/white/pink striped shirt. Still no luck on the hair going up...I made her or asked her very nicely to wear her hair up for these pictures and she was OK with it. She's 3 1/2 going on 5, especially with her vocabulary and not 20 questions but 50 questions!! Everyday, I see more and more of her in me and it always makes me smile. My little mini-me since John is turning into his daddy with his looks. We absolutely LOVE her imagination that always brings giggling and much entertainment to the room.

Here's her new shades.

Getting ready to head out in her Dora car..she's not too good at steering but likes to go fast!!
This is one of my all time favorite pictures of my princess. I told her to smile for the camera and this is what she does. She loves having her nails and toes painted. She gets excited when Miss Sandy comes over(to babysit) because once John goes to bed, they have girl time with manicure and pedicures after bathtime.

Daddy made it home safe and sound which meant it was time to celebrate John's 1st Birthday FINALLY!!!
This is the sign his teachers made for him at school.
Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday and he's getting ready to dig into his smash cake.
He wasted absolutey NO time digging in.
Eating some cake and posing with Auntie.

Unfortunately, John did not last much longer after cake, he was not too social at his birthday party and ended up taking a 3 hour nap after he had cake, but the party continued on since we had 22 adults and 14 kids! It was a madhouse for about 2 hours but so much fun to see all ages of kids interacting and to talk with our friends that we do NOT get to see enough of. CRAZY but fun. We were so lucky that so many of our good friends and family were able to help John celebrate his first milestone birthday. STILL NOT WALKING!! But he's growing and changing so fast. I forgot how fast they go from babies to a "little" person after the first year. He's definitely more vocal now, points to things, saying more words clearer and now that his molars aren't bothering him anymore, he's definitely a happy camper. The evenings are quick for us since John likes to be in his PJ's by 6:30ish which means dinner right when we get home. Most times, Joe and I will eat after he goes to bed between 7-7:30 and then it's Alexis's turn for her bedtime routine of bath, reading books and snuggling.

You've made it this far to find out a little more about the house!!

We recently had a "checkpoint/walkthrough" before an inspection takes place according to our builder's standards and so far so good. There were a few things we noticed that will be taken care of before the inspection but it's nice to finally see the layout of the floorplan. We have not been giving a "set" date but we could be looking at the end of August or first part of September...funny how things always get pushed back every so often. Things are going well with living my parents...we just needed to figure out each other's space and get into a routine the first month but all is good with the 6 of us living in a 3500 square foot house. And of course NO BILLS!! Next up for the house is sheetrocking the walls and to start on the interior. The windows were on when we did our walkthrough.

So far so good!!

UP NEXT: The Sheehan Family of 4 takes a trip to Michigan June 20-25 so Daddy's family can meet
John James and be entertained by Alexis Victoria.

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